Coming up Roses

Coming up Roses

“You placed this order just now. Company will process your order soon. You will receive your order per the shipping arrangements you selected in the online shopping process. Thank you for placing your order with Company.”

So goes the typical order confirmation email from most big brands.

Well, now confirms orders in the most delightful way. Turns out they consider the humans experiencing their brand. Not just the logistics: ease of selection and checkout on the site, and follow-up communication, but the psychology of someone coming to the site. Whether it’s to send flowers in celebration, sympathy, admiration, or love, sending flowers is a personal act. gets that, and acknowledges it in their follow-up dialogue with me.

800 Flowers confirms a delightful customer experience

Like a nice pat on the back, their confirmation does more than confirm the order fulfillment is under way – it validates my generosity and thoughtfulness. Yay!

After a confirmation email like that, who wouldn’t eagerly await the next feel-good email to confirm shipment?

800 Flowers confirms a delightful customer experience

I felt at this point that I knew Bibi, and even considered sending her a note of thanks for her thoughtful and funny email (maybe even include a cute picture of a cat with flowers, just to make her day).

I waited with anticipation to find out what Bibi had to say when the flowers arrived, and she didn’t let me down. Bibi once again validated the fact that I made someone happy that day, even before I got the phone call of thanks from the recipient.

800 Flowers delivering delight to their customers.

800 Flowers providing a great customer experience

Well done, Bibi at I will certainly buy flowers from you again, now that we’re friends.