MailChimp’s Aarron Walter: Delivering an Authentic Brand Experience

MailChimp’s Director of User Experience, Aarron Walter says that the most important thing a brand has in their tool kit, the one thing that will deliver consistent delight and make a memorable experience, is their voice.  In the video above, Aarron outlines some of the ways brands should be using their voice to create better experiences to deliver something remarkable to their consumers.

Some of his key points are:

1. Tell Your Story

Aarron says that “stories are the things that we conjure, we create to shape culture, to form religions, to unite people together and to repel people and push them apart.  They are so powerful.”  And for him brands are really just stories.  They are a way to create a story and to make people feel something.  The most effective brands are the ones that clearly understand their story and use it to hold their consumers interests and make them feel something.

2. Be Honest and Authentic

However, it’s not just about crafting an interesting narrative.  As a brand develops their story, they need to make sure that they are being true and authentic to who they are, and more importantly, who their consumers give them permission to be.

3. It’s the Little Things

Brands who are consistently delivering an authentic experience to their consumers can make the greatest impact.  If they’re extending that experience into everything that they do, both large and small, they can create a deeper connection and spark excitement for the brand and inspire advocacy.

4. Show a Little Personality

When a brand successfully builds a delightful experience they make consumers feel better about themselves and what or how they consume.  But the real success comes when the experience can be infused with personality.  Those brands that approach everything with their authentic voice connect with their consumers on a deeper, more emotional level.

Watch the video above and start thinking about how your brand can authentically communicate its story, in a personal way that will connect to your consumers in a remarkable way.


About Aarron Walter (@aarron

Aarron Walter is the Director of User Experience at MailChimp, where he strives to make software more human. Aarron is the author of Designing for Emotion from A Book Apart. Aarron taught design at colleges in the US and Europe for nearly a decade, and speaks at conferences around the world. His design guidance has helped the White House, the US Department of State, and dozens of startups and venture capitalists. He tweets about design under the moniker @aarron on Twitter