South Carolina for Giant UX

Anthony Sanders is On a Mission to Make the Web Rad

Anthony (Ant) Sanders and his partners, Joel and Christian, all have day-jobs in user experience at corporations. Their passion? Creating solid user experience. You can tell from not only the work they’ve done, but also the UX communities they’ve fostered online and in the diverse regions of South Carolina, Colorado, and Washington.

When Ant moved to Charleston a year and a half ago, he noticed a lack of organized get-togethers around UX, so he founded the Charleston UX group that now has about 200 members. Joel describes his passion as, “I love making fewer clicks for people.” One of Christian’s areas of expertise is “organizing chaos.”

Bringing together a tribe around user experience

These three guys met and collaborated for years at, and then physically dispersed. One thing that keeps them connected is bringing together the tribe of UX enthusiasts, whether in the form of UX meet-ups, their GiantUX blog, or the upcoming GIANT Conference starting June 11 in Charleston. The 76 speakers include UX leaders like Jared Spool, Kristina Halvorson, Ethan Marcotte, as well as 73 other heavy-hitters. In passing, Anthony described the conference as, “…a conference for high quality people who have been doing this stuff 25 years.”  Personally, I’m counting on it inspiring us all to continue creating rad experiences.

GIANT UX Conference logo

Ant and his mission

We took some time to talk with Ant to hear his take on user experience and making the web rad. With such a bold vision, and passion for all things UX, we had to ask him for a couple examples of online experiences as a user.

Q: What’s the best experience you’ve ever had online?

A: “That’s a tough one. I do believe there are plenty of great experiences online. One of the recent ones, surprisingly, has been the account management tools that Comcast XFINITY Internet offers its customers. I was a long-time customer of another provider and XFINITY, by far, takes the cake.

Another solid shout would have to go to The UX crew there knows what’s up for sure.”

Q: What’s the worst? (Don’t want to get you in trouble, but seriously, what’s the worst online experience you’ve ever had?)

A: “This is an even tougher one but I’ll try. I truly believe for every solid experience, there are 100 terrible ones.

I suppose most recently it was attempting to find a solid ticket / pass registration site we could use for GIANT Conference registration. Along the way, it seemed like 90% of the ones out there truly just never ever thought about mobile. Others would have no way for attendees to change their info once registered. One of the major players in the tech event registration space, doesn’t pay a dime until weeks after the event. As most event organizers know and understand, it takes funds all along the way to put [on] such an event.

I could go on and on but this isn’t the space to vent. :-)”

Q: Why “rad” specifically? Why not awesome, stellar, tubular, etc?

A: “’Rad’ is simple and has impact. Awesome is awesome but overused. Stellar and tubular, I don’t think is in either of our vocabularies.

Rad just works. Skateboarding, music, art, film, and a career creating cool experiences for people is just simply that. Rad.”

If you love Delight, you’ll love the GIANT Conference.

The purpose of the GIANT Conference is to “bring together world-class speakers and talented professionals to talk about creating rad experiences and how to make those experiences even radder.” And of course, as Delight’s goal is gathering folks who care about building great experiences, we think it’s a no-brainer that we’ll be good friends.

So go check out the GIANT Conference. And if you feel like taking a trek down to beautiful Charleston, you can use the DELIGHT code to get 15% off your registration.

But don’t worry; if you can’t make it, Delight will be covering the June event in all of its glory.

  • Absolutely feel him on the conference pass registration system woes. It would be spectacular if there were an incremental payout feature for verified conferences (these things aren’t cheap!)

    Also, in a town that profusely uses the term “rad”, Ant would probably be right at home at Delight Conference 😉

    • Ant Sanders

      Thanks Katie! I’d love to be at the next Delight!

      • I hear airfare for October is pretty reasonable right now… 😉