The Best Interface is No Interface

Zappos Labs designer Golden Krishna has started a conversation in the tech community with his rallying cry that no interface is the best interface. He sees a terrible trend in technology of slapping a user interface onto processes where rather than improving experiences, they actually get in the way.

This all started from a good place. Smaller computers allowed more people to access them; a mainstream graphical user interface (GUI) was created to make using those computers easier. But today our love of the digital interface is out of control, Golden says. Digital interfaces are taking over refrigerators, hair dryers, vending machines, even baby toilets!

But UX does not equal UI. Using Golden’s three principles we can start to refocus on the user and the experience.

  1. Embrace typical processes instead of screens. Create experiences that don’t ask users to insert use of their phone in moments where they wouldn’t use their phone anyway.
  2. Make computers work for us instead of requiring us to work the computer. Allow the technology to provide a seamless experience without us needing to get in the way.
  3. Create a system that adapts for individuals. Each of us is unique. Create solutions that allow for individuality and adapt to best suit each person and their needs.

Watch Golden’s keynote speech from the 2014 Delight Conference to learn more.  If you’d like to participate in this discussion you can check out or #NoUI.


About Golden

For years, Designer Golden Krishna has been behind the scenes, solving technology problems for companies from startups to Fortune 50. He’s currently a Senior UX Designer at Zappos Labs, where he works in a small group dedicated to creating new, delightful experiences for Zappos. Previously, he worked at a Samsung innovation lab, designing and building the near future of consumer electronics. He began his career working at the world-renowned design consultancy Cooper in San Francisco.