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Bringing Creativity Into the Fundraising Experience at charity: water

Inspiration is at the core of the charity: water experience, driving continued support for thousands of clean water projects through multifaceted digital campaigns. By sharing stories of campaign supporters, projects and outcomes, Kaitlyn Jankowski works with her team to inspire and perpetuate truly meaningful work.

From lemonade stands to birthday campaigns, Kaitlyn and her team enable great experiences for a diverse range of supporters with highly personal digital communications. Through all 18 months of projects, charity: water engages supporters with status updates in the form of pictures, GPS insight, and videos from the field.

“We want to inspire people to take action,” Kaitlyn explains. “Our creative team thinks about ‘How close can we get them? How can we tell this story?'”

In the interview below, Kaitlyn shares more on how charity: water builds delight into the experience by connecting people with the great work they support.

Catch Kaitlyn in the “Marketing with Meaning” breakout session at Delight 2014 next month!


About Kaitlyn

As the Supporter Experience Manager at charity: water Kaitlyn works with fundraisers to help them build a strategy around how to become rockstar campaigners. She also leads the support team that’s focused on scaling personalization in a digital world.