snapshot of Google Knowledge Graph

Building Stories Around Behaviors and Needs at Google

Abi Jones has been making things for the internet for years. Through experience in the education space to defining frameworks for user-generated experiences in social, her affinity for understanding stories enables her to bring a strategic perspective to interaction design (most recently for developing Google’s Knowledge Graph).

As Abi explains, leveraging storyboarding techniques has been critical in her work.

[Storyboarding] helps the team focus, and create a vision for the product…helps you narrow down and think about the human use case for ideas, and helps you validate whether or not your product really makes sense for people.

Watch our interview below for a sneak peek into Abi’s storyboarding workshop at Delight 2014 this October:


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About Abi

Abi Jones designs for people interacting with Google’s Knowledge Graph, a semantic network of over 570 million objects (and 18 billion related facts) representing the continually growing realm of human knowledge.

In addition to her work on the Knowledge Graph, Abi designs crowdsourcing tools for translating search results and adaptive feedback systems for all Google Search products. In her 20% time she teaches sketching and storyboarding classes for non-designers at Google.

When not designing interfaces for the computable portions of human knowledge, Abi writes the comic Dear Future and tracks the latest in interface technology at Voice and Gesture.