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2015 Confirmed Speakers

  • Suzanne Pellican

    Focused on crafting a phenomenal end-to-end experience for Intuit customers

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    Suzanne Pellican Intuit

    Suzanne Pellican

    Suzanne Pellican is the Vice President and Executive Creative Director for fin-tech giant, Intuit’s wide range of small business products. This role, focused on crafting a phenomenal end-to-end experience for Intuit customers, brings her back full circle to her origins. Although she came of age as a product designer—launching multiple v1 efforts at Fitch, V2 group and, in her early years, at Intuit—over the last decade she expanded her focus to utilize the power of design to transform organizational culture.

    As the Director of Intuit’s “Design for Delight” program, Suzanne’s mission was to get Design Thinking into the DNA of Intuit—to change the way people work across every function—in pursuit of creating awesome and delightful products for Intuit’s wide range of users. She and her team trained and cultivated a community of 200 innovators who have run over a thousand workshops in the past 5 years, and through these impacted and influenced thousands of employees.

    Originally from Ohio—go Buckeyes!—Suzanne has made the Bay Area her home. Her husband launched his own startup three years ago and somehow amidst all the chaos they’re finding time to have a blast with their three young children.


  • Dan Saffer

    Believes design isn’t only about problem solving, but about creating a better future

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    Dan Saffer Jawbone

    Dan Saffer

    Since 1995, Dan Saffer has designed everything from websites to appliances to robots. He believes that design isn’t only about problem solving, but about creating a better, more humane future.

    Dan’s insightful, thoughtful approach to design has been captured in the three books he’s written—Designing for Interaction, Designing Gestural Interfaces, and Designing Devices—which are required reading for any student of interaction design. His latest book, Microinteractions, was published in 2013 to great acclaim.

    Dan is currently Creative Director, New Products at Jawbone, where he works on next-generation wearables and consumer electronics.

    Follow him on Twitter at @odannyboy

  • Rachel Binx

    Design technologist, currently working at NASA’s JPL

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    Rachel Binx NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Rachel Binx

    Rachel Binx is a design technologist, currently working at NASA’s JPL to create data visualizations to aid in spacecraft operation. In addition to her visualization work, Rachel has also started three companies (Meshu, Gifpop, and Monochōme), each of which creates custom objects based on customers’ personal data. When not sitting in front of a computer, Rachel enjoys travel, photography, and hanging out with parrots.

  • Josh Clark

    Interaction designer specializing in connected devices, multi-device design

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    Josh Clark Big Medium

    Josh Clark

    Josh Clark is an interaction designer specializing in connected devices, multi-device design, product strategy, and user experience. He’s the author of four books, including “Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps” (O’Reilly, 2010) and the forthcoming “Designing for Touch” (A Book Apart, 2015). Josh’s agency Big Medium offers design services, strategic consulting, and training to help creative organizations build exceptional interfaces for apps, websites and connected devices. His clients include AOL, Time Inc., eBay, O’Reilly Media, and many others.

  • Rachael Yu

    Interested in how architectural moves, both big and small, affect the measure of pleasure and function in space

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    Rachael Yu Airbnb

    Rachael Yu

    Rachael Yu is interested in how architectural moves, both big and small, affect the measure of pleasure and function in space. She has first-hand experience in the act of creating, from the mouse to the hammer. She earned a Bachelor of Architecture, with honors, from California College of the Arts. She has spoken at UC Berkeley and the Swiss Institute in New York. Her contributions to exhibitions include: Zer01 San Jose Biennial, Studio for Urban Projects, and 2009 AIA National Convention. After four years of running Myriad Harbor, a design studio focused primarily on commercial  interiors, Rachael and her partner, Aaron Taylor Harvey, co-founded the Airbnb Environments  team in April 2014. She has contributed to various designs in a variety of mediums for Airbnb, from miniature 3D printed models of actual listings on the site to an urban park‐like event space, replete with an “outdoor” theater for a three-day company gathering. She is currently working with Aaron on designing workspaces for Airbnb, combining  research with the core values of the company to produce a unique solution for employees of Airbnb.


  • Golden Krishna

    Inspiring forward-thinking development at Zappos

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    Golden Krishna Zappos

    Golden Krishna

    Speaker Meet and Greet

    For years, Designer Golden Krishna has been behind the scenes, solving technology problems for companies from startups to Fortune 50. He’s currently a Senior UX Designer at Zappos Labs, where he works in a small group dedicated to creating new, delightful experiences for Zappos. Previously, he worked at a Samsung innovation lab, designing and building the near future of consumer electronics. He began his career working at the world-renowned design consultancy Cooper in San Francisco.

  • Suzi Hamill

    Strives to provide Fidelity employees with the tools to put the customer first in all they do

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    Suzi Hamill Fidelity Investments

    Suzi Hamill

    Suzanne (Suzi) Hamill is the Vice President of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments. Her team strives to provide Fidelity employees with the tools to put the customer first in all they do. The design thinking team teaches user centered innovation best practices. They also lead the design research for Fidelity Lab’s incubator program. Prior to the Design Thinking Team, Suzi led user experience teams as the Design Director for Fidelity’s web and mobile platforms. Before joining Fidelity Suzi defined the online presence for several firms, including American Express, IBM, and The Boston Globe.

  • Aaron Taylor Harvey

    Working to link culture and facilities into an ongoing, meaningful, and effective workspace experience

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    Aaron Taylor Harvey Airbnb

    Aaron Taylor Harvey

    A strong advocate for designing in the third and fourth dimension, Aaron Taylor Harvey believes architecture should build personal narrative and transform the everyday. He does not design for photos but rather for people. After four years of running Myriad Harbor, a design studio focused primarily on commercial interiors, Aaron and Rachael Yu co-­founded the Airbnb Environments team in April 2014.

    Aaron functions as the Environments Design Lead for Airbnb, primarily working to link culture and facilities into an ongoing, meaningful, and effective workspace experience. Environments combines design research with the core values of the company to produce unique workspaces for Airbnb employees. In addition to workspace design, Aaron has designed three large, multi-­day events for Airbnb. These events facilitate work, play, learning, and communication amongst employees and users.

    He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University and a Master of Architecture degree from California College of the Arts. He was an adjunct professor at California College of the Arts from 2010‐2014 in the Architecture Department and First Year Core.


  • Peter Jones

    Experienced innovation consultant and design researcher and the founder of Redesign

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    Peter Jones Author, Design for Care

    Peter Jones

    Peter Jones is an experienced innovation consultant and design researcher and the founder of Redesign, now located in Toronto. For over 20 years he has designed (and coordinated to release) market-leading interactive information services for legal, medical, educational, business, and scientific applications.

    Peter’s healthcare innovation research develops the opportunities for connecting content and learning resources to professional practice and clinical education. He has led service design and field research for leading decision and educational services and interactive products for physicians, nurses, and medical students. He is author of Rosenfeld Media’s Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience. He wrote Design for Care to help designers deliver systemically relevant solutions to the emerging problems of multidisciplinary healthcare services and the complexity of care: http://designforcare.com.

    Peter is also associate professor at Toronto’s OCAD University, where he is a senior fellow of the Strategic Innovation Lab and teaches in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation MDes program. Peter previously published We Tried to Warn You (Nimble Books, 2008) and Team Design (McGraw-Hill, revised in 2002). He has authored recent peer-reviewed research articles and whitepapers, available online at his blog Design Dialogues.

  • Jeanne Bliss

    Helping chief customer officers & the C-suite worldwide transform their businesses

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    Jeanne Bliss Chief Customer Officer 2.0

    Jeanne Bliss

    Leading customer experience and Chief Customer Officer authority Jeanne Bliss spent 25 years reporting to the presidents of Lands’ End, Allstate, Coldwell Banker and Microsoft Corporations—holding the first customer experience executive role for each.

    Through her company CustomerBliss, she has been helping chief customer officers and the C-suite worldwide transform their businesses to achieve customer-driven growth since 2002. Jeanne is also a speaker, engaging audiences in every business vertical around the world in keynotes and workshops.

    Jeanne unites the CEO, C-suite and chief customer officer to create a one-company approach for improving customer experiences and business operations to build customer-driven growth. In this work, she transforms how the leadership team works together, makes decisions, and embeds how the business does their work—to earn the right to growing the customer asset. Her focus is on coaching, bringing individuals together as a cohesive team to clarify and simplify customer-centric actions to lead the organization.

    Jeanne’s new book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0 was published in June. With all new and updated content, it includes the framework for coaching these leadership teams and interviews with more than 40 chief customer officers.

    Jeanne Bliss co-founded the Customer Experience Professionals Association and is called on regularly by major media to address consumer and business-related issues in the marketplace.


  • Dean Cookson

    A technology industry veteran, Dean has over 20 years of experience in computer operations

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    Dean Cookson Virgin America

    Dean Cookson

    A technology industry veteran, Dean brings over 20 years of experience in computer operations and over a decade of experience with web-facing businesses to Virgin America. As CTO, Dean leads the airline’s strategic technology initiatives, including the implementation of the company’s new reservations and operational platforms. In addition, Dean oversees Virgin America’s data centers, storage subsystems, core application infrastructure and integration, and the architecture of its website.

    Dean comes to Virgin America from Basho Technologies, where he served as Vice President of Business Development. Prior to that, Dean served as Chief of Operations at the HP-owned Snapfish, where he had responsibility for all aspects of site delivery, product fulfillment, and worldwide customer support in 11 languages. Before joining Snapfish, Dean served as Director of Operations at Looksmart, where he oversaw production systems, database, network and data centers, and helped grow the search infrastructure to support more than 600 million searches per day.

    Dean studied Physics and Computer Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and attended Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information. He lives in Mill Valley, California, with his wife and two sons.


  • Amber Case

    Passionate advocate of privacy and the future of data ownership

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    Amber Case Healthways

    Amber Case

    Amber Case is an entrepreneur and researcher helping Fortune 500 companies design, build, and think about connected devices. She is the former co-founder and CEO of Geoloqi, a location-based software company acquired by Esri in 2012. She spoke about the future of the interface for SXSW 2012’s keynote address, and her TED talk, “We are all cyborgs now,” has been viewed over a million times. Named one of National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers, she’s been listed among Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30 and featured among Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology.

    Case is the author of An Illustrated Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology and Designing Calm Technology from O’Reilly Books (Fall 2015). She is a passionate advocate of privacy and the future of data ownership, and is interested in furthering the ideas of Calm Technology, wearable computing, and the future of the interface. Her current work as Managing Director of Existence at Healthways involves predictive analysis and wellness. Amber lives and works in Portland, Oregon; you can follow her on Twitter @caseorganic and learn more at caseorganic.com.

  • Joe Stewart

    Active within the design community as a public speaker, writer, and juror for multiple awards

    Full Bio »

    Joe Stewart Work & Company

    Joe Stewart

    Joe Stewart is Partner, Design at Work & Company, where he oversees design and branding across all client engagements.

    Prior to founding Work & Company, Joe was Partner & Global Creative Director at Huge, where he was responsible for managing the agency’s global portfolio, overseeing all creative output, and personally directing and designing for key accounts, including Target, JetBlue, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, MoMA, NYC, Under Armour, and Reuters.

    Joe has over 16 years of digital experience. Over that time his work has won dozens of awards and has been featured in Ad Age, Ad Week, Apple.com, Creative Bloq, Creative Review, Fast Company, How Magazine, The New York Times, Step, and many more. Joe was named one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” and one of the “Top 50 Web Designers” in the world by Net Magazine.

    Joe has an active profile within the design community as a public speaker, writer and juror for Cannes, SXSW, The Webby Awards, The Pixel Awards and Fast Co. Design Awards.

  • Erin Moore

    Fascinated by the ways people interact with information

    Full Bio »

    Erin Moore Twitter

    Erin Moore

    Erin loves getting involved on a ground level with people who love to collaborate and make amazing things happen. She’s fascinated by the ways people interact with information and loves the ways that storytelling can empower people to generate new ideas. Her holistic, people-centric approach has resulted in the creation of new data-driven experiences for Twitter’s product development teams, mobile banking services for rural populations in Pakistan, and a crisis management platform for the United Nations.

    Erin also has a travel itch that she scratches as often as possible and is inspired by the ways that design and technology can connect people around the globe.


  • Dave Wieneke

    Facilitating delightful digital engagements at Connective DX

    Full Bio »

    Dave Wieneke Connective DX

    Dave Wieneke

    Speaker Meet and Greet

    Dave Wieneke is a digital strategist. He helps brands crack the code for being more accessible and influential via digital channels. He heads the Connective DX Digital Strategy practice and is a faculty member at Northeastern University and Rutgers University, where he teaches graduate courses in digital business, social branding and mobile design.

    Before agency life, Dave built and directed digital teams at Thomson Reuters, the Christian Science Monitor, and Sokolove Law. He also writes for eConsultancy and AdAge.


  • Kuan Luo

    Focused on building informed and meaningful tools

    Full Bio »

    Kuan Luo Etsy

    Kuan Luo

    Kuan Luo is a Product Designer at Etsy, where she focuses on building informed and meaningful tools for Etsy’s growing creative community of over 1.4 million sellers. Before Etsy, Kuan was the Director of Design at Grand St., a marketplace for indie electronics that was acquired by Etsy in 2014. She has also designed mobile experiences for the Washington Post. Originally from Shanghai, Kuan is now based in Brooklyn, NY. When she’s not traveling and running workshops, she’s out preparing for the upcoming New York City marathon in November. Kuan loves the future and a good taco.

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Beloved by everyone!

“What does it mean that we all want to be different if we’re all using the same service? Of course the reality is we aren’t all using the same service… but there is this constant and incredible tension here about the desire to have difference while wanting to embrace the same platforms that other people are embracing.”

Genevieve Bell, Intel
2014 Delight Speaker

Genevieve Bell
Past Speakers –View all past speakers
  • Zipcar
  • MailChimp
  • Intel
  • Zappos
  • Warby Parker
  • Simple

About the Event

Delight 2015 is a unique gathering of leaders passionate about bringing exceptional experiences to life. Returning for a fourth year, the two-day event fosters an intimate forum that encourages big ideas, interactive discussions and lasting connections.

The week kicks off by bringing together hundreds of business, design and technology professionals in a single-track, shared experience event.

With inspiration and ideas around delightful experience design, attendees head into a second day of practical, deep-dive breakout sessions. The unique format of Delight enables meaningful discussions across a range of industries and verticals unlike any other conference.

The 2015 program also features a third-day intensive workshop for healthcare leaders focused on the impact of design and patient experience.

The 2014 event sold out with 400+ attendees. Space will again be limited. Get your tickets early to reserve your spot for the 2015 event. Check out video recordings from the 2014 event and for speaker announcements and other delightful updates.

Interested in becoming a 2015 event Partner? Email us at info@delight.us.



Here is an overview of what to expect at Delight. A more detailed agenda will be available soon, so stay tuned!

Main Event

Delight kicks off in the Portland Art Museum’s Grand Ballroom for an all-day, one-track session with leaders who are creating exceptional brand experiences. Opening remarks kick off at 9 am sharp, and the closing keynote ends at 4:30 pm followed by evening festivities. A mix of keynote and shorter high-impact presentations will focus on core themes:

  • Delight in Action
  • Agents of Change
  • Disrupting with Delight

The inspiration and ideas from Monday’s talks will spill over into evening activities and an opening night party.

Huddles & Workshops

The second day of Delight brings together all conference attendees for an inspirational keynote, followed by huddles and interactive workshops. (Don’t worry, we’ll break for lunch in between!). Areas of focus include:

  • Deconstructing delight
  • Culture and leadership
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Microinteractions
  • Designing for delight
  • Storytelling
  • Healthcare digital experiences

Healthcare Intensive

On day three a full-day workshop for healthcare practitioners will focus on improving patient experience and care. Available as part of the Healthcare Bundle, this hands-on intensive will be led by Dr. Peter Jones, author of Design for Care and associate professor at Toronto’s OCAD University. Peter and team will focus on:

  • Rethinking care and its consumers
  • Patient-centered service design
  • Co-creating care
  • Systematic design for healthcare innovation

This workshop will have very limited space and is available only to attendees with the healthcare bundle ticket option.

The Venues

Delight venue for 2015 Map with Delight's venue location

Delight 2015 returns to the renowned Portland Art Museum. Located in the downtown cultural district, the museum is an impressive and inspiring space that embodies the vibrant energy of the event.

From the Kridel Grand Ballroom, to the museum's many unique breakout rooms, attendees will experience one of the city's most beloved landmarks through a unique lens. With plenty of parking and the light rail just steps away, the museum is an ideal center point for Delight 2015.

Paramount Hotel

There is a block of rooms reserved at the Paramount Hotel for Delight attendees. To make a reservation please call 503-223-9900 and mention the Delight Conference. Or if you would like to make your reservation online, please visit http://www.portlandparamount.com and enter the group code: DELIGHT.

The cut-off date for the discounted room rate is Sept. 11, 2015. After that date the hotel can not guarantee that you will receive the discounted room rate, so please make your reservations early!

“To change the game you must understand the existing game. You must create the new game within the context of the existing game You can’t play the new game by yourself.”

David Gray, Boardthing
2014 Delight Speaker

David Gray


The Delight Conference could not happen without the support of our delightful event partners. From arcade parties to brewpub crawls, mimosa toasts or the famous @AskDelight concierge service, our partnership opportunities offer a chance for our fellow champions of delight to connect with the community through unique and memorable experiences. Interested in joining the movement? Email info@delight.us for more information.