Past Speakers

  • Aaron Taylor Harvey
    Aaron Taylor Harvey

    Airbnb Environment: Belonging in the Open Plan

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  • Aarron Walter
    Aarron Walter

    Author of “Designing for Emotion”

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  • Abi Jones
    Abi Jones

    Designing the future of search at Google

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  • Amanda Bernard
    Amanda Bernard

    Developing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies

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    Connective DX
  • Amber Case
    Amber Case

    Keynote: Designing Calm Technology

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  • Asha Srikantiah
    Asha Srikantiah

    Huddle: Project Joy: Designing Delight into the Workplace

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    Fidelity Investments
  • Aubrie Pagano
    Aubrie Pagano

    Revolutionizing fashion with technology at Bow & Drape

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    Bow & Drape
  • Barbara Holmes
    Barbara Holmes

    Helping businesses understand their customers’ journeys

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    Connective DX
  • Brian Kalma
    Brian Kalma

    Rethinking standards to inspire memorable experiences

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  • Christopher Stapleton
    Christopher Stapleton

    Pioneering the future of experiential media

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  • Colin O’Neill
    Colin O’Neill

    Connection Is Everything

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    Connective DX
  • Dan Harbison
    Dan Harbison

    Leveraging innovation to inspire community

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    Portland Trail Blazers
  • Dan Saffer
    Dan Saffer

    Workshop: Microinteractions: How to Design Details

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  • Daniel Romano
    Daniel Romano

    Overseeing UX for

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  • Darrell Whitelaw
    Darrell Whitelaw

    Creating brand value through meaningful products

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  • Dave Gray
    Dave Gray

    Founder of XPLANE and author of Gamestorming

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  • Dave Tragethon
    Dave Tragethon

    Leading the charge for personalized skiing experiences

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    Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort
  • Dave Wieneke
    Dave Wieneke


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    Connective DX
  • Dean Cookson
    Dean Cookson

    Huddle: Deconstructing Delight

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    Virgin America
  • Derek Phillips
    Derek Phillips

    Huddle: Storytelling in the Age of IoT

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    Connective DX
  • Dylan Boyd
    Dylan Boyd

    WeWork at Custom House

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    R/GA Ventures
  • Eric Park
    Eric Park

    Workshop: Building Healthcare Brands in the Age of Empowered Patients

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    Cambia Health Solutions
  • Eric Switzer
    Eric Switzer

    Workshop: Building Healthcare Brands in the Age of Empowered Patients

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  • Erin Moore
    Erin Moore

    More Than a Feeling: Designing for Digital Complexity

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  • Esko Reinikainen
    Esko Reinikainen

    Workshop: Culture Mapping: Making the Invisible Visible

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    The Satori Lab
  • Eve Callahan
    Eve Callahan

    Overseeing brand and strategy for Umpqua Bank

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    Umpqua Bank
  • Gary Hirsch
    Gary Hirsch

    Seeing Your Audience

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    On Your Feet
  • Gene Ehrbar
    Gene Ehrbar

    Helping organizations create unique experiences with emerging tech

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    Connective DX
  • Genevieve Bell
    Genevieve Bell

    Advocating people-centric technology at Intel

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  • Golden Krishna
    Golden Krishna

    Bay to Breakers: From Nothing to Something in 60 Days

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  • Innovation Lab
    Innovation Lab

    Solving customer issues through design-led labs

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    Nordstrom Innovation Lab
  • James McQuivey, Ph.D.
    James McQuivey, Ph.D.

    Defining the impact of digital disruption for businesses

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    Forrester Research, Inc.
  • James Senior
    James Senior

    Empowering Mayo Clinic patients with mobile-centric approach

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    Mayo Clinic
  • Jamyn Edis
    Jamyn Edis

    Delivering delightful insights for drivers

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    DASH Mobile
  • Jared Spool
    Jared Spool

    Founder of User Experience Engineering

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  • Jason Grigsby
    Jason Grigsby

    Facilitating delightful mobile experiences for clients

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    Cloud Four
  • Jeanne Bliss
    Jeanne Bliss

    Huddle: The Customer Room: Grow Your Business by Improving Customers’ Lives

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    Chief Customer Officer 2.0
  • Jeanne Turner
    Jeanne Turner

    Celebrating and supporting Portland’s ecosystem of awesomeness

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    Awesome Portland
  • Jen Rubio
    Jen Rubio

    Building social experiences for eyewear pioneer Warby Parker

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    Warby Parker
  • Jenn Lynch
    Jenn Lynch

    Coaching startups to deliver delightful innovation

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    Upstart Labs
  • Jennifer Liebermann
    Jennifer Liebermann

    Imagining Care Anywhere

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    Kaiser Permanente's Garfield Center
  • Jill Nelson
    Jill Nelson

    Building a culture of WOW to delight customers and employees

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    Ruby Receptionists
  • Jo Carter
    Jo Carter

    Workshop: Culture Mapping: Making the Invisible Visible

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    The Satori Lab
  • Joe Stewart
    Joe Stewart

    Huddle: Deconstructing Delight

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    Work & Company
  • Jonathon Colman
    Jonathon Colman

    Shaping the Facebook experience with delightful content

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  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark

    Keynote: Magical UX & the Internet of Things
    Workshop: Prototyping Magic for the Internet of Things

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    Big Medium
  • Jumana Al Hashal
    Jumana Al Hashal

    Creating outstanding mobile consumer experiences at Google

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  • Kaitlyn Jankowski
    Kaitlyn Jankowski

    Engaging communities and individuals behind clean water campaigns

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    charity: water
  • Kate O’Neill
    Kate O’Neill

    Bringing insight to organizations for meaningful marketing

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    KO Insights
  • Kim Malek
    Kim Malek

    Cultivating & innovating behind the Salt & Straw community

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    Salt & Straw
  • Kuan Luo
    Kuan Luo

    Workshop: Designing for the Future

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  • Kyle Simukka
    Kyle Simukka

    Helping companies build engagement through intuitive interface design

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  • Lakshmi Rengarajan
    Lakshmi Rengarajan

    Huddle: The Art of Engagement: What We Can Learn from the Dating World

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  • Leah Buley
    Leah Buley

    Guiding a user-centered approach at Intuit

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  • Lesley Mottla
    Lesley Mottla

    Driving Zipcar’s people-centric design approach

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  • Linn Goldberg
    Linn Goldberg

    Driving innovative and evidence-based worksite wellness

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  • Louis Rosenfeld
    Louis Rosenfeld

    Pioneering information architecture and UX best practices

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    Rosenfeld Media
  • Maggie Lang
    Maggie Lang

    Innovating the Kimpton guest experience from the inside out

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  • Margot Bloomstein
    Margot Bloomstein

    Enriching experiences with brand-appropriate content strategy

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    Appropriate, Inc
  • Nat Parker
    Nat Parker

    Empowering commuters with easy mobile ticketing

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  • Neel Banerjee
    Neel Banerjee

    Leveraging mobile technology to create engaging experiences

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    Urban Airship
  • Nick Finck
    Nick Finck

    Designing exceptional user experiences across channels

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    Formerly Übermind
  • Nick Frunzi
    Nick Frunzi

    Transforming global customer experiences at Esri

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  • Pamela Greenhouse
    Pamela Greenhouse

    Engaging patients and families in redesigning healthcare experiences

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  • Patricia Colley
    Patricia Colley

    Teaching improv and design thinking for creative collaborations

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    Creative Catalysts
  • Paul O’Connor
    Paul O’Connor

    Ziba Design: The Inclusion Revolution: Designing for Gen Z

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    Ziba Design
  • Perry Hewitt
    Perry Hewitt

    Leading global experiences at Harvard University

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  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones

    Healthcare Intensive: Designing for the Lifecycles of Health: A Service Design Studio

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    Author, Design for Care
  • Rachael Harvey
    Rachael Harvey

    Airbnb Environment: Belonging in the Open Plan

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  • Rachel Binx
    Rachel Binx

    The Joy of Small Data

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    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Refe Tuma
    Refe Tuma

    Creative community builder behind Dinovember

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  • Robert Rose
    Robert Rose

    Shaping content marketing strategies at CMI

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    Content Marketing Institute
  • Ron Person
    Ron Person

    Optimizing cross-channel digital experiences

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  • Samantha Starmer
    Samantha Starmer

    Prioritizing customer-centric ecommerce experiences

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  • Samuel Hulick
    Samuel Hulick

    Author of The Elements of User Onboarding

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  • Shalin Amin
    Shalin Amin

    Creating beautiful interactions for Uber passengers and drivers

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  • Stan Phelps
    Stan Phelps

    Helping organizations to improve from the inside-out

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    9Inch Marketing
  • Steve Gadlin
    Steve Gadlin

    Creator of ‘I Want to Draw a Cat for You!’

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    Blewt! LLC
  • Steve Kemper
    Steve Kemper

    Workshop: Building Healthcare Brands in the Age of Empowered Patients

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    Connective DX
  • Steve Mulder
    Steve Mulder

    Evolving online and on-air experiences for NPR stations

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    NPR Digital Services
  • Suzanne Pellican
    Suzanne Pellican

    Keynote: Getting Design Thinking Into Your Organizational DNA

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  • Suzi Hamill
    Suzi Hamill

    Huddle: Project Joy: Designing Delight into the Workplace

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    Fidelity Investments
  • Toby Sterrett
    Toby Sterrett

    Building frictionless online banking experiences at Simple

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  • Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett

    Research for Delight: Empathy & Vulnerability

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    Connective DX
  • Torin Gilkey
    Torin Gilkey

    Building Healthcare Brands in the Age of Empowered Patients

    Full bio »
    Boston Children’s Hospital