Colin O’Neill: Connection Is Everything

Digital has changed the relationship between customers and brands—calling for a new set of capabilities and tools to delight customers and grow your business. Connective DX VP of Experience Design Colin O’Neill discusses the changing role of design (and designers) and shares some of the approaches and frameworks that we use to connect design teams, customers, and organizations as we move into an age of connected experiences.

Delight 2015 | Connection Is Everything from Delight Conference

Colin O’Neill
Colin O’Neill brings over 18 years of digital design experience to the Connective DX As VP of Experience Design, Colin plays an integral role in helping clients to connect their goals with user needs, and leads the User Experience and Creative teams in developing memorable experiences that translate to business value. Colin’s background includes digital strategy, advertising, marketing and design for B2B and B2C clients including IBM, Kodak, Charles Schwab, LinkedIn and Adobe. Prior to Connective DX, Colin was Creative Director at agencies in San Francisco and in Portland. Outside the office Colin spends time hiking or snowboarding in the mountains and being a really terrible drummer.