Creating a Design Culture at Disney.com

Establishing a “design culture” is critical in delivering the beloved entertainment experiences people have come to expect from Disney.com. Daniel Romano, Head of UX and Design at Disney Interactive, manages what he refers to as “an agency within [Disney]” to create those great cross-channel experiences.

By carefully selecting and leading a nimble UX team of what he calls “Makers,” Daniel has changed the way Disney Interactive approaches customer experience. From rethinking problem-solving to embracing failure, the Disney Interactive team is a model example of a strong design culture at work.

If you want to create a powerful design culture you need to have a full spectrum set of “Makers” who can do everything…

In the brief one-on-one video interview below, Daniel shares insights for building a team, process, and culture to support innovative experience design.



Hear Daniel talk about delight in action at Disney.com this October at Delight 2013!