Creating a Culture of Giving More

The Kimpton brand experience is notorious for unexpected moments of customer delight, from regular guest perks to ad hoc “random acts of Kimpton.” As Maggie Lang, Kimpton’s Senior Director of Guest Marketing, explains, the company culture is all about supporting customer-obsessed habits to fuel the hotel’s loyal road warriors.

“If you give customers what they want and then some, they’ll come back and they’ll be loyal. And it’s not just transactional loyalty — it’s emotional loyalty.”

Catch the interview below for a look into the Kimpton culture:

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About Maggie

Maggie joined Kimpton 2.5 years ago with the vision to innovate CRM and Loyalty in the industry. Her responsibilities at Kimpton include Loyalty, CRM, Guest Marketing, Social Media and Restaurant Marketing. Maggie and her team most recently launched Kimpton Karma Rewards, a ground breaking and innovative loyalty experience. Prior to Kimpton, Maggie spent 6 years at United Airlines in a variety of roles spanning Brand Management, Partnership Marketing, Loyalty and Merchandising. At the airline, Maggie launched Travel Options for United and later was responsible for the rebranding as United merged with Continental. Maggie joined United from Walgreens. She got her degree in Economics in her native Sweden.

A true travel family based in San Francisco, Maggie’s husband is a pilot for Virgin America and her two kids are bona fide travel veterans.