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Dave Gray and Considerations for the Connected Company

Dave Gray is an agent of change for innovation and collaboration within organizations. From founding XPLANE to developing his current project, Boardthing, Dave is a catalyst for cultural change for companies looking to foster big ideas and great experiences.

Building upon his first two books (Gamestorming and The Connected Company), Dave is now ready to share the core principles behind connected companies in his new book, Principles of Agility.

Although the book isn’t due out until early 2015, Dave shares a sneak peek in our Delight 2014 Speaker Meet and Greet interview below.

Hear Dave share more core principles for connected companies in his Delight 2014 keynote this October in Portland!


About Dave

Dave Gray is the founder of the design consultancy XPLANE, which was acquired by the Dachis Group in 2010. His current project is Boardthing, a collaboration platform for distributed teams.

Dave has worked with companies large and small (including his own) on innovation, culture and change initiatives. He has authored two books on design, change and innovation.

His first book, Gamestorming, is a practical handbook for innovators and change agents. His second book, The Connected Company, is a strategic blueprint for businesses who want to innovate and lead in the next century. He is currently working on a third book, Principles of Agility, which is due out from Rosenfeld Media in early 2015.