David Rose — The New Vanguard for Business: Connectivity, Design & the IOT

We are truly at the frontier of a new, hyper-connected future, and MIT Media Lab’s David Rose is our guide. In this mind-opening talk he brings the inevitable takeover of the Internet of Things to the forefront of public consciousness. The author of the first major book on IoT, Enchanted Objects, David describes how products are poised to become services and how we will be creating new user experiences, not new technology. Instead of staring at our iPhone screens, we will be surrounded by simple and user-friendly objects that respond to our needs, come to know us, and learn to think on our behalf. How can you embed connectivity and productivity into your product? It’s time to revolutionize the way your company thinks about technology, design and making money.

Delight 2016 | The New Vanguard for Business: Connectivity, Design & the IOT from Delight Conference

About David Rose
David Rose is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and instructor at the MIT Media Lab. His new book, Enchanted Objects, focuses on the future of the internet of things, and how these technologies will impact the ways we live and work. David is the CEO at Ditto Labs, an image-recognition software platform that scours social media photos to find brands and products. He also founded Vitality, which reinvented medication packaging, and Ambient Devices, which pioneered glanceable technology: embedding internet information in everyday objects. His work has been featured at the MoMA, covered in The New York Times, WIRED, and The Economist, and parodied on the Colbert Report.