Delight 2012 Jeanne Turner Awesome Portland

Awesome Portland Is Not Your Average Foundation

You’ve already met a handful of our Delight speakers now, but we’re still not done sharing the many brilliant folks in our line up! Joining Brian Kalma of Gemvara (whom you’ve already met) and Nat Parker of GlobeSherpa in the “Disruptors” portion of the day, Jeanne Turner is making waves in Stumptown by making it a little more awesome every day. She sat down to share her story and the Awesome Portland background — including this month’s winner — in a Google+ Hangout. Check it out!

Frankly, I’m not sure what’s more delightful than an organization 100% devoted to awesomeness. If you’re looking forward to meeting Jeanne next week as much as I am, I hope you’ve got a ticket — they’re going fast! Buy yours today and save a seat!