Delight 2012 Warby Parker interview

Warby Parker’s Framework for Delight

Ever since the Connective DX folks were exposed to the exceptional ingenuity of the Warby Parker brand back in February (thanks to Project Manager Jaden Johnston’s review of surprise & delight), we knew they’d be the perfect fit for Delight 2012. From a shamelessly adorable April Fool’s Day prank to their Zappos-inspired shipping and return model, we’d say Warby Parker knows a thing or two about going above and beyond to create an experience. A YouTube video and a few tweets later, Jen Rubio, Warby Parker’s head of social, has joined our line up of stellar Delight 2012 speakers to share her perspective of delivering delight as a designer eyewear company.


Briefly tell us a little about yourself – how did you come to be at Warby Parker doing social media?
I left the corporate world to pursue social media before many people even thought it could be a career. I started by consulting for local businesses and startups in Los Angeles, where I lived at the time, and as my network grew, so did my client base. I moved back to New York to lead strategy at a digital agency called Carrot Creative. There, I worked on campaigns with an incredible roster of brands, like Red Bull, Burton Snowboards, Ford, Disney, MTV, Amazon, and Estee Lauder. That experience was invaluable and led me to want to work brand-side, with a startup, or in fashion and use my experience to grow something in the long-term. I met the Warby Parker team in August of 2011, knew it was a perfect fit, and the rest is history.

And it was fate! Tell us about how [your role at Warby and] social media plays into the customer experience at Warby Parker.
Customer experience is a pillar of the company, and everything—including social media—comes down to how it affects the user experience. A significant part of the social media team is dedicated to how we shape and affect the overall customer experience to make it exceptional and memorable. We look at every step of the customer lifecycle and see where we can and do use social media at every touchpoint. I recently brought on someone to focus on educating and motivating the team and the organization at large on the impact of social media. What it comes down to at the end of the day, though, is the personal touch. We can set all the policies and best practices we want, but it always comes down to the relationships we have with our customers.

What do you hope attendees at the event can take away from your presentation?
I always hope attendees find our best practices relatable and can adapt them to their own organization or projects. It may seem intimidating, but regardless of the size of your social media team and your resources (or lack thereof), there are a number of principles you can apply to how you use social media do business.

Have to ask! Which frames do you wear? (Do you have different pairs for different occasions??)
I’ve amassed a collection of glasses since starting at Warby Parker, but my favorites are the Preston eyeglasses. I have them in every color and they’ll most likely be the ones on my face during the conference!

Jen, what’s a cool fact not many people would know or guess about you?
I live to travel and fly. I’ll reach my final continent—Antarctica!—in November, and I’m a licensed private pilot.

(Another fun fact: Jen was just returning from Australia when we interviewed — quite a world traveler, indeed!) We can’t wait to meet Jen in person and hear more about the Warby Parker story — and we hope you’re just as excited as we are! If you haven’t yet bought your tickets, there’s just about a month left until the event, so grab them soon!