I Want to Draw a Cat for You

From Shark Tank to Delight 2012, This Cat Drawing Guy Brings Surprise and Delight

41 days to go until Delight 2012 — hope you are as excited as we are! We’re getting to know some of our speakers in our Speaker Meet and Greet series — next up is Steve Gadlin, a local from my hometown of Chicago! Steve earned the respect of Mark Cuban on Shark Tank with his out-of-the-box I Want to Draw a Cat for You idea, and has since continued to expand his business in some truly unique ways.

Check out our Google+ Hangout to hear how Steve’s been confusing and delighting customers to build exceptional experiences!

A great artist of cats, innovator of plays, AND a snappy dresser? Can’t wait to meet Steve in person! If you can’t either, you should make sure to register for Delight 2012 before it’s too late! And stay tuned for more fun speaker interviews soon.