Evelyn Huang — Design as Change

We all believe in creating fantastic experiences grounded in customer needs. But let’s face it—not all companies or leaders start from the same place. Our job is not only to create great experiences, but also to transform the mindset of our partners and our skeptics. How can we apply design principles of collaboration and experimentation to organizational change? Learn to infuse design thinking into every level of an organization.

Delight 2016 | Design as Change from Delight Conference

About Evelyn Huang
Evelyn Huang catalyzes organizational change by bringing human-centered design into the DNA of business and creativity into the heart of company culture. Her team engages in strategic projects across organizations, connecting the dots to create experiences customers love, designing scalable learning experiences to empower all employees to use design thinking mindsets in daily work. After beginning her career in private equity and later running a microfinance nonprofit program for immigrants and refugees, she now brings a hybrid approach to Change Banking for Good at Capital One. “Creativity and analytics go hand in hand,” she says. “Let’s work to bring them together.”