Suzanne Pellican: Getting Design for Delight into Your Organizational DNA

Close to one third of the U.S. economy flows through Intuit’s payroll, invoicing and tax software. What drove such a dominant software company to reinvent itself into a design-driven 30-year old startup? This story begins in 2006, when Intuit found itself in a terrible position—flattening growth, terrible Net Promoter Scores, and a less than desirable innovation pipeline. At Delight 2015 Suzanne shares the story of Intuit’s rebirth by leveraging design at all levels of the company and creating a culture of design thinkers who aim to do nothing short of delighting their customers.

Delight 2015 | Getting Design for Delight Into Your Organizational DNA from Delight Conference

About Suzanne Pellican

Suzanne Pellican is the Vice President and Executive Creative Director for Intuit’s wide range of small business products. This role, focused on crafting a phenomenal end-to-end experience for Intuit customers, brings her back full circle to her origins. Although she came of age as a product designer—launching multiple v1 efforts at Fitch, V2 group and, in her early years, at Intuit—over the last decade she expanded her focus to utilize the power of design to transform organizational culture.

As the Director of Intuit’s “Design for Delight” program, Suzanne’s mission was to get Design Thinking into the DNA of Intuit—to change the way people work across every function—in pursuit of creating awesome and delightful products for Intuit’s wide range of users. She and her team trained and cultivated a community of 200 innovators who have run over a thousand workshops in the past 5 years, and through these impacted and influenced thousands of employees.

Originally from Ohio—go Buckeyes!—Suzanne has made the Bay Area her home. Her husband launched his own startup three years ago and somehow amidst all the chaos they’re finding time to have a blast with their three young children.