Designing for Surprise in UX and CX

Creating special experiences is about delivering the unexpected in the familiar, says the founder of fashion-meets-technology startup Bow & Drape, Aubrie Pagano. The startup has taken cues from their old Boston neighbor, Johnny Cupcakes, to build elements of surprise on two levels:

  1. Product design: As Aubrie notes, the Johnny Cupcakes approach was her model example for how design could encourage intimate moments of interaction and discovery with the brand.
  2. Product packaging: With a nod to Apple’s timelessly omnipresent packaging, Aubrie explains that thoughtful packaging is critical for online brands as the first point of impression, and the most lasting form of engagement if designed well.

Aubrie explains how the Bow & Drape experience focuses on involving customers in building the story around the garments they purchase, from the online to the offline.

Watch her talk from Delight 2014 in the video above for more tips on creating surprise across touchpoints.

Designing for Surprise in UX & CX from Delight Conference

About Aubrie

Aubrie Pagano is founder and CEO of Bow & Drape, the e-clothier that lets you build custom statement pieces online and ships to your door. For her work with Bow & Drape, Aubrie has been featured in WSJ, WWD, Forbes, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Teen Vogue, and InStyle. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Aubrie was a Management Consultant at Fidelity Investments, and Director of Strategy and Planning at Emily Muller Apparel. She holds a BA in American History & Literature from Harvard (’08) and began her first business when she was six.