Digital Disruption snapshot

Digital Disruption: An Interview with James McQuivey

Since an early adolescent decision to purchase his first computer, James McQuivey has dedicated his energy to anticipating behavior and value shifts around technology. Through analyzing decades worth of data, James gleans insights to help organizations understand, predict and strategize for disruption in the digital space.

“The most important thing that I am able to communicate to marketers is to realize that the rate of change has changed… The consumer is ready to behave in new ways.”

In the interview below, James shares his perspective on the accelerated rate of digital disruption and a sneak peek into his Delight 2014 presentations.


Hear James share more about leveraging principles and tactics of digital disruption at the Delight Conference this October!


*Image from James’ book, Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.


About James

James serves CMOs. He is the foremost analyst tracking and defining the power and impact of digital disruption on traditional businesses. His consumer models identify the ways consumers have embraced digital experiences and platforms, and his strategy models help companies prepare to serve those consumers. Though he applies this knowledge to a wide variety of industries, he spends the majority of his consulting time with consumer media and consumer electronics companies that are at the forefront of dealing with digital disruption. In February of 2013, James published his book “Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.”

Previously at Forrester, James served as a vice president and research director, running Consumer Technographics® North America, Forrester’s unparalleled consumer research effort. Before that, he was a senior analyst and founding member of the online retail strategies practice at Forrester. In addition to keynoting at industry events and Forrester Forums, James is routinely sought after for comment by such publications as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He also appears frequently on NPR and CNBC.