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Disrupting the Banking Industry with Delightful Design

Since joining Simple in 2010, Toby Sterrett has worked with a growing web development team to address the traditionally painful experience of consumer banking. As one of the first team members, Toby has led much of the development behind the Simple experience from the ground up.

Drawing from the team’s collective experience as designers and bankers, Simple has been able to innovate in an industry typically riddled with complexity. As Toby explains, their unconventional approach to building their own app has been instrumental to crafting a more human experience.

Check out our Q & A below to hear more about the evolution of the Simple experience.

Catch Toby this October at Delight 2014 as he discusses Designing for Delight with Samuel Hulick of User Onboarding.


About Toby

Toby has been designing and building for the web since he first made a site for his band in 1996. After many years of freelancing and working at startups, he is now the director of user experience at Simple, where they are working to craft the best personal banking experience around. As one of the first employees at the company, he helped design and build a modern approach to banking from the ground up.

When he’s not helping build his dream bank, he’s either listening to metal, playing the drums, or making things out of leather. He lives with his wife and 2 kiddos in Portland, OR.