Infectious CX: Esri on Enabling Unified Global Experiences

Building a user community across 80 countries requires a deep focus on creating unified customer experiences, which is exactly what Esri’s Chief Customer Officer, Nick Frunzi, is determined to do.

An education and support manager by day and CX agent of change by night (as Nick puts it), he’s working hard to build bridges across siloed teams to inspire better user experiences across all touchpoints.

I infect people with the CX bug, and then they go back to their organization with their ideas…and infect the rest like a virus. I inspire people about CX, and then they go inspire their peers.”

In the video interview below, Nick explains the Esri customer experience, how he’s enabling consistent improvement across the customer journey, and some challenges of unifying experiences around the world.

Check out the 20-minute interview below:

Hear Nick discuss some of the inspiring and challenging aspects of being an Agent of Change at Delight 2013 this fall.