Exploring the Intersection of Data and Design at NPR Digital Services

Steve Mulder is part of the digital team within NPR that focuses on providing tools, services and consulting to NPR stations across the country. Looking at data from the intersection of experiences online, offline, and on-air, Steve’s team thinks about designing and testing quick hypotheses to evolve customer experiences with the brand.

As Steve explains in our interview below, balancing data with organizational knowledge and expertise drives deeper understanding for more meaningful experience design.

Hear more of Steve’s lessons from integrating data into product and experience design at Delight 2014 this fall.

About Steve

Steve Mulder is Director of User Experience & Analytics at NPR Digital Services, where he supports NPR stations across the country in online audience growth and engagement. Through his expertise in digital strategy, design, usability, and business intelligence, he delivers products, services, and consulting that help stations become as powerful online as they are on air. His current focus is evolving a full-fledged Analytics Service that is tailor-made for public media.

In his previous life, Steve worked with organizations such as Nokia, Fidelity, Samsung, 3M, and TripAdvisor on their online experiences. He is a regular speaker at web conferences and is the author of The User Is Always Right: A Practical Guide to Creating and Using Personas for the Web.