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Ideas for Infusing the Customer Journey with Video

Defining the ‘customer experience journey’ can get squishy. There’s not really one specific, across the board, agreed upon definition for what constitutes a customer’s journey to ultimate loyalty to a company. It varies with every organization. But there is at least one thing that is common of all customer experience journeys: organizations, whether B2C or B2B, should understand that it “consists of multiple touchpoints and key interactions,” at least as it’s defined in the Delight.us community.

At the most basic level, the customer journey would encompass these steps:

  • Awareness: The potential customer finds out about your offering and begins consideration for purchasing it.
  • Evaluation: Your offering is compared to other possible solutions to their problem.
  • Purchase: While this is an obvious step, today’s top marketers do not consider this the ultimate and final stop on the journey.
  • Post-purchase experience: Where the rubber really meets the road, this is how today’s great companies are defined. The continuing interactions with your customer across all types of media can make or break your bottom line.

Given video’s importance across all types of digital media platforms, it should not be a surprise that video plays a leading role in each of these journey steps. In a previous post, I covered three excellent examples of how videos can increase awareness of a company or a specific product.

Bringing video into the evaluation stage

The evaluation step in the journey really underscores and encompasses the entire journey. As a consumer, I am constantly evaluating options. Essentially any product video I watch adds to my knowledge base, and allows me to do a better, more informed job of learning about a product and evaluating how it will work for my given situation.

As a digital marketer, videos for the evaluation ‘phase’ should get that same attention. The basic consideration should be how you’re educating your potential customer whenever you’re given the opportunity to get your video in front of her.

Evaluation therefore doesn’t just mean ‘head to head’ versus your competition. For example, this video from sugru shows the variety of ways their unique product can be used, allowing the viewer to use their own minds to evaluate it for their own specific purposes.

Video series vs. one-off

Providing a full body of work, like the “Will It Blend” series of videos for Blendtec presented in the earlier post, is another way to help your customer evaluate your product. Demonstrating the product used in a variety of situations, whether or not the user will find themselves blending golf balls, adds proof points to help inform an evaluation.

But even a one-off video, if it presents a clearly delineated focus like this one, can help the decision-making process. Even industrial and military customers can be assisted evaluating a product with a video.

Next time, we’ll take a look at how videos may be used in the purchase and post purchase steps on the customer journey.