Jennifer Liebermann & Mike Holland: Imagining Care Anywhere

Experience the power of provocation with Jennifer Liebermann and Mike Holland from Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center. Imagining Care Anywhere is the beginning of a conversation within Kaiser Permanente and its industry partners about how current and future technology can enable health and health care to be delivered wherever Kaiser Permanente’s members live, work or play. This immersive session enables you to see to believe.

Delight 2015 : Imagining Care Anywhere from Delight Conference


About Jennifer Liebermann
Jennifer Liebermann, literally created the job of her dreams: Mapping out the future of health care for one of the nation’s biggest and most innovative providers.

Jennifer has been involved with the Garfield Innovation Center since January 2005, when several Kaiser Permanente leaders asked the question, “How might we create a ‘Unit of the Future’ at Kaiser Permanente where we can test how new technologies impact our front line staff?” Jennifer led the cross-functional team to develop, fund, and launch what is now the Garfield Innovation Center, with a multidisciplinary focus that also includes testing Kaiser Permanente’s new facility designs.