Gary Hirsch: Improv, Monsters & Robots

Collisions often create the best ideas. This interactive, story-based session will help you see invisible opportunities, co-create with your audience, and understand how collisions (in this instance improv, art and a small robot army) can lead to delightful surprises.

Delight 2015 | Monsters, Robots & Improv from Delight Conference

About Gary Hirsch
Gary Hirsch is the co-founder of On Your Feet. He is an early pioneer in using improvisation to help organizations generate new ideas, collaborate, engage audiences and walk their talk. Gary works closely with clients such as: Nike, Intel, Disney, Apple, and others. Gary helps run the On Your Feet HQ in Portland, Oregon.

After improv, Gary’s second love is visual art. Storytelling, improvisation and doodling are all inter-related for Gary; when he’s doing any of these there are never enough hours in the day. Currently he is obsessed with small domino robots. You can see him wax poetically (and otherwise) about improv, robots, kid’s art and collaboration on his TEDX talk here.