Blendtec video

Leveraging Video for Memorable Brand Experiences

Among the many ways to evoke delight in your customers, appealing to more than one of their senses can often be quite effective. While telling a great story digitally through text has proved to work well, actually showing your story using the pictures and sound of video can really cement the relationship with an audience and your customers.

But how do you recognize the opportunities to use video? To answer that question, think of where in the customer journey you want to inject delight and deepen engagement.

In other words, essentially everywhere.

If you haven’t already started at the top, using a single video to tell your brand’s story, you have a great jumping off point. Since you’re a part of the Delight tribe, you already recognize that evoking an emotional response adds a great deal of weight to the customer experience. Videos are certainly a great way to do that. But by thinking outside the box, your brand messages will resonate louder.

Consider these great examples:

Will it blend?

Blendtec ( is a manufacturer of a fairly mundane product: blenders. But for years, they’ve delighted audiences with their “Will It Blend?” series of videos, where they’ve shown off the power and strength of their products by blending all manner of things that wouldn’t normally go into a blender: golf balls, crowbars, iPhones and iPads, and much more. The offbeat and funny approach has increased their fan base and made their goods seem less pedestrian.

Camp Gyno

By challenging expectations of how young girls think about their periods, the “Camp Gyno” video put startup on the map. Produced inexpensively, but using a highly creative story to introduce their perfectly timed monthly deliveries of feminine necessities, have aided significantly to the company’s success.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar shave club is another example of a low budget, yet still highly effective and engaging video that resonates with audiences. Using a bleeped-out word and snarky yet craftily funny script to describe the benefits a club membership adds to the magnetism of this video.

While cutting a broad swath of audience types and products, all three of these videos have at least one thing in common: they are all produced with small budgets. Blendtec shoots their videos in-house, using an employee spokesperson as the on- camera talent, as does Dollar Shave Club. And even though ‘Camp Gyno’ was shot on an actual location, the total budget was reportedly less than $10,000.  You won’t need to break your marketing budget to produce breakthrough videos.

What you will need are good stories. Stories can come from anywhere, not just the marketing department—follow an interesting employee on their daily tasks, ask customers how they’ve been delighted, or tell the company history through a trusted supplier as a few examples. Sharing authentic stories will strengthen the message your brand aims to deliver to customers, and create a more impactful experience.