Making a Case for UX: A Fresh Approach from Intuit’s Leah Buley

Being the sole team member evangelizing user experience can feel like an uphill challenge at times — a role Leah Buley of Intuit describes as a “UX team of one”. Though she’s now part of a team and company that prioritizes and perpetuates user-centered design, Leah is no stranger to the complex challenges of getting team buy-in behind user research and design.

A long-time advocate and catalyst for user-focused design within organizations, Leah will be joining our Agents of Change portion of Delight 2013 to discuss the UX Team of One concept, and how individuals in similar roles can be an agent of change in their own organization. In the video below, Leah discusses designing for delight and overcoming challenges as a UX team of one in a special preview of her Delight 2013 talk.

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You can hear Leah and more delightful speakers at Delight 2013 this fall!

  • Ironically the UX of this video is not great. But Leah is very interesting.