Mayo Clinic’s James Senior: Leveraging Patient Journey Mapping for Better Healthcare Experiences

As a worldwide healthcare, research, and education institution, Mayo Clinic is a leader for exceptional patient experiences. Seeking to bridge delight and wellness, Mayo Clinic leverages journey mapping tools to move the needle in healthcare.

In the video above, James Oliver Senior shares considerations for delivering delightful patient experiences.

As James explains, there are four components used to design patient-centric experiences at Mayo Clinic:

1. Patient Journey Maps to understand different mental states across the healthcare experience

2. Behavior Mapping charts to cross-reference user state with needs

3. Multi-user schematics to map out goals across audiences

4. Mobile Wellness assessment to focus the information delivery to patients

Each area works to help Mayo Clinic empathize with users to develop the right design for their needs. Through understanding their patients on a deeper level, Mayo Clinic has been able to create experiences that are seamless, secure, accessible and enjoyable.

Watch the video above to learn more about Mayo Clinic’s experience design approach.



About James Oliver Senior (@jamessenior)

As Experience Design Lead at Mayo Clinic’s award-winning Global Business unit, James has brought a mobile-centered vision to large-scale products that have driven business performance such as with 1.2 billion pageviews and 20% YOY performance. He architected Mayo’s first Spanish language site which has seen a 386% annual increase in traffic in its first two years. In collaboration with vendors, he has designed “empowered-patient” communities and story exchanges which deliver against our core organizational value “the needs of the patient come first”, and which have resulted in measurable community engagement such as with the 25,000 active members conversing on the new patient-community Mayo Clinic Connect. James is currently leading a team to build B2C products for Mayo Clinic’s center for Healthy Living. With an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons, he speaks and writes about design, empathy and healthcare, most recently at Interaction ’13. He lives Dr. Caroline Z. Krzakowski in Brooklyn, NY.

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