Erin Moore: More Than a Feeling: Designing for Digital Complexity

Designing and building products that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives is an exorbitant amount of work. Yet products that do this successfully are the ones we return to again and again. Despite their complexity, these products make interactions with others and environments seem effortless, desirable—and even addictive. How do we as designers do the hard work of creating products that are useful and relevant? What repeatable process can we look toward to solve problems for people whose motivations and behaviors can be hard to predict? Erin shares how coaching collegiate athletics helped her understand complex systems, and how that experience still influences her daily design process at Twitter.

Delight 2015 | More Than a Feeling: Designing for Digital Complexity from Delight Conference

About Erin Moore

Erin Moore loves getting involved on a ground level with people who love to collaborate and make amazing things happen. She’s fascinated by the ways people interact with information and loves the ways that storytelling can empower people to generate new ideas. Her holistic, people-centric approach has resulted in the creation of new data-driven experiences for Twitter’s product development teams, mobile banking services for rural populations in Pakistan, and a crisis management platform for the United Nations.

Erin also has a travel itch that she scratches as often as possible and is inspired by the ways that design and technology can connect people around the globe.