Nick Frunzi of Esri: Changing When You Don’t Think You Need To

As a global mapping software provider, Esri has seen consistent growth and profit since the very beginning. Nick Frunzi, Chief Customer Officer at Esri, explains that developing a system for listening and responding to customer feedback has been crucial to driving growth and improving experience design within the company.

In the video above, Nick shares insights that helped Esri scale their customer experience in a global context. Nick’s advice elaborates on six ways to integrate a human perspective through leveraging silos in the experience design process:

  1. Be humble when you bring people together to share their work. 
  2. Infect people with the CX bug to spread the passion throughout teams.
  3. Create a safe environment for sharing ideas.
  4. Offer air cover and support when it’s needed.
  5. Foster cross silo knowledge sharing.
  6. Thank people for their input and energy.

Watch the video above to hear how Esri’s focus on CX has grown the company’s experience design practice through effective feedback systems.

About Nick Frunzi (@NickFrunzi)

Nick is the Chief Customer Officer at Esri, leading cross-divisional and cross-functional teams to transform the customer experience for Esri’s global customer base. After many years in discrete customer roles, Nick realized the power that CX leadership could have in uniting entire organizations with one vision to make a customer successful. Combining his lifelong appreciation and passion for good architectural, industrial and web design with the principles of CX allows him to lead teams that make complex ideas and processes holistic, yet simple and straightforward. When Nick is not driving Esri’s CX future you can find him on a racetrack, on skis, or in his grove farming avocados and limes.