Nondini Naqui — Opening the Conversation Around a Taboo Topic: Money

The Society of Grownups is all about helping adults to “understand your money without losing your soul or your sense of adventure along the way.” After years of researching and testing, this learning initiative from MassMutual is disrupting the financial services industry by empowering people to create a personalized and flexible approach to their personal finances. Each day, the Society of Grownups team works together to concept and iterate on ideas with one goal in mind: to democratize financial literacy by bringing authentic, educational experiences to Grownups in Boston and beyond. Society of Grownups President and CEO Nondini Naqui will share insights on the Society of Grownups journey so far: the highs, the lows and a few learnings in between.

Delight 2016 | Opening the Conversation Around a Taboo Topic: Money from Delight Conference

About Nondini Naqui
Nondini Naqui is an accomplished change agent who has worked within both large and small organizations to drive disruptive product and service innovation. Her experience within different industries ranges from financial services to nonprofits, including a start-up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Passionate about brand building and creating exceptional experiences within digital and physical spaces, Nondini says she took the road less-traveled to get to the financial realm, studying anthropology, Spanish, and business. After a tenure in consumer banking, she now serves as president and CEO of Society of Grownups. “It’s exciting to realize how much we can help people reach their goals by taking the time to meet them where they are,” she says.