User Onboarding illustration

Optimizing the User Onboarding Experience

From conversion rate optimization to customer support, Samuel Hulick has focused on improving interactions to deliver delightful experiences across organizations. Through firsthand startup insight, conversations with fellow interaction designers, and his own established consulting practice, Samuel has developed best practices for user onboarding to enable organizational and individual success.

As Samuel describes it, user onboarding can be considered well beyond the initial user signup. In our interview below, he shares advice for ensuring a smooth first impression and overall user experience in a sneak peek to his Delight 2014 talk.

Don’t miss Samuel’s peer huddle (co-presented with Toby Sterrett of Simple) at the Delight conference this October!


About Samuel

Samuel is a UX consultant with a deep focus on user onboarding, as well as author of The Elements of User Onboarding. He’s the person behind, a website that provides annotated teardowns of popular web apps’ first-run experiences. He loves improving onboarding success rates for SaaS products just as much as he loves to talk shop on Twitter at @SamuelHulick.


Image source: The Elements of User Onboarding