Revolutionizing Transportation with Disruptive Design at Uber

Uber has been a pioneer in the transportation industry ever since bringing on-demand car service to urban dwellers back in 2009. As the brand has spanned to new regions across the globe, Lead Experience Designer at Uber Shalin Amin has been faced with the unique challenge of guiding the design of the Uber experience to recognize and celebrate the different cultures it becomes a part of.

Prioritizing the needs of riders has become paramount in creating the ubiquitously intuitive and delightful Uber experience.

The UI and UX should guide the user…you’ve failed as a designer if you can’t guide the user through the app to tell a great story.

In our one-on-one interview below, Shalin talks about how he’s leading an ever-growing team to provide value to riders through great design.

Hear Shalin share more insights around designing an exceptional, customer-centric experience at Delight 2014!

About Shalin

Shalin Amin heads up design at UBER, and his design background spans over a decade in designing beautiful experiences for companies like Gilt Groupe, Atlantic Records, Ubisoft, Telsa Motors, Hearst Corporation, Time Inc., Wall Street Journal, Dwell, National Geographic, and Tripit. He’s passionately curious about ways to connect people seamlessly with tech, and adapting agency practices to in house design teams.