Sara Fritsch — Not for Sale: The Art & Impact of Authenticity

In a society where everything is for sale, the ultimate commodity is that which cannot be bought. In this uplifting presentation, Sara Fritsch will discuss the advantages of a “not for sale” strategy and why authenticity plays such a vital role in our crowded, hyper-consumerist market. From reflections on thoughtful scalability to simple ground rules for more mindful ways to work, this talk will highlight why values matter more now than ever and spark a new conversation on what true success really looks like.

Delight 2016 | Not for Sale: The Art & Impact of Authenticity from Delight Conference

About Sara Fritsch
Creative and charismatic, Sara Fritsch embodies right-meets-left-brain ingenuity. A thought leader to her core, Sara brings big-picture thinking into laser-sharp focus through strategic innovation and a willingness to take risks. As Vice President of Product, Brand, Marketing and Sales for cult lifestyle brand Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., Sara has crafted a roadmap for success and profitable scalability without sacrificing authenticity. With the heart of an artist, a degree in mechanical engineering, and over 15 years of top-tier business consulting experience, Sara is able see all sides of the proverbial coin and problem-solve accordingly. A proud proponent of “progress over perfection,” she believes big gains come from celebrating small victories.