Scott Brinker — Hacking Marketing: The Amazing Convergence of Marketing & Software

Software gives marketers a greatly expanded creative palette to design memorable customer experience masterpieces — and the leverage to reach a much broader and more engaged audience with them. The secret to success, however, is not in the technology itself — but rather adapting marketing management to this new software-powered environment. In this presentation, marketing technologist Scott Brinker, author of the new book Hacking Marketing, will show you how to: recognize the parallels between software development and modern marketing; adapt agile software development management methods to “agile marketing”; and design marketing programs, systems, and organizations to embrace change.

Delight 2016 | Hacking Marketing: The Amazing Convergence of Marketing & Software from Delight Conference

About Scott Brinker
You really can’t talk about marketing technology without mentioning Scott Brinker, aka “Chief MarTec.” Editor of, chair of the hugely successful MarTech Conference, and creator of the Marketing Technology Landscape infographic, not to mention co-founder and CTO of Ion Interactive and author of the newly released book Hacking Marketing, Scott leads industry thinking on the evolving role of technology in marketing and brings a much-needed technologist’s perspective to discussions about digital customer experience. Scott is an entrepreneurial executive with broad experience at the intersection of technology and marketing, and he’s passionate about building agile, high-performance teams to bring to market imaginative products and services.