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Serious Play: Bringing Fun Into Team Collaboration

Patricia Colley infuses fun into the collaboration process for organizations looking to frame problems, recognize truths and align strategically around their work. As an experience designer formerly with Microsoft, Sapient, Adaptive Path, and now Creative Catalysts, Patricia leverages improv and gamestorming tools to get teams thinking and working together in creative ways.

“…gamestorming techniques & improvisation techniques help us to connect with each other…and develop stories together”

In our interview, Patricia shares some of the benefits and outcomes of applied improv in the experience design space.

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About Patricia

Patricia Colley is an experience designer and strategist, helping clients deliver better products and services – and prepare for the changes needed to do so – for over 25 years. Having started out as a visual artist and graphic designer, she moved on to interactive design of websites, software, and then complex systems and services. Over time, her practice expanded into business & product strategy, group facilitation and creative practice leadership.

Five years ago, Patricia discovered improvisational theater. Right away, she realized the profound impact that improv principles and practice could have on creative and collaborative work, and it has deeply altered her own practice. She’s been a champion of serious play ever since.

Combining traditional creative processes, design thinking, critical method, improvisational theater games and embodied cognition, Patricia guides clients through the elusive practice of working effectively and playfully together in diverse creative teams.