Taking Quantified Self to the Next Level with the Nike+ Accelerator

The Nike+ Accelerator is known in the startup world for the rapid growth and collaboration it facilitates, driving discovery and development of new opportunities in the quantified self movement. Dylan Boyd, Managing Director of this unique program, is what many have called the “heart and soul” of the Nike+ Accelerator. His understanding of the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurs, as well as the wearable technology landscape, have made him an expert of building disruptive experiences.

A mover and maker on the startup scene since his college days, Dylan is dedicated to making a difference by helping early stage startups create delightful experiences. Whether he’s advising through the Accelerator (a TechStars program) or serving as board member for one of Portland’s entrepreneurial hotbeds of innovation, Dylan is focused on bringing together great makers and builders from around the world to do great things.

In the brief 1:1 video interview below, Dylan shares some of the work that’s come of the Nike+ Accelerator program, and announces a fresh batch of speakers for his session at Delight 2013.

Check out the video below:

Hear Dylan talk about disrupting with delightful experiences at Delight 2013!