Dinosaurs playing

Talking Community and Delightful Content with the Creator of Dinovember

Refe Tuma may have initially intended the antics of Dinovember to entertain his own children, but the international following he ultimately garnered is a testament to his unique content and community building perspective. As a content strategist and user experience designer for a B2B solutions provider, Refe works to infuse a delightful element in the experiences customers have with the brand.

In our Delight 2014 speaker interview below, Refe shares insight into his work and what inspires him in his day-to-day work. Plus, he gives a sneak peek into his talk this October.

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About Refe

Every year, Refe Tuma and his wife Susan devote the month of November to convincing their children that, while they sleep, their plastic dinosaur figures come to life.

Dinovember has since gone on to become an international celebration of imagination and creativity that has inspired participants in London, Sydney, Beirut, Oslo, and many other cities across the world. What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night, Refe and Susan’s new book of photos based on Dinovember, will be published this fall by Little, Brown and Co.

Refe Tuma works as an experience designer with DST Systems, creating mobile applications for the health and financial industries. He is also a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominated writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and various literary magazines. Refe lives in Kansas City, MO with his family and a growing herd of plastic dinosaurs. You can find him on Twitter @RefeUp, and at Facebook.com/Dinovember.