Rachel Binx: The Joy of Small Data

How can we create tools to view, explore and connect with our data? For the past year, Rachel has been exploring this question with her work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she’s designing and building an application for spacecraft operators to analyze their telemetry data. Outside of her day job, she’s created three companies that create custom objects from customers’ personal data, namely Meshu, Gifpop and Monochōme. All of these projects share the same goal: to create intuitive and engaging visualizations and to help users find meaning in their data.

Delight 2015 | The Joy of Small Data from Delight Conference

About Rachel Binx
Rachel Binx is a design technologist, currently working at NASA’s JPL to create data visualizations to aid in spacecraft operation. In addition to her visualization work, Rachel has also started three companies (Meshu, Gifpop, and Monochōme), each of which creates custom objects based on customers’ personal data. When not sitting in front of a computer, Rachel enjoys travel, photography, and hanging out with parrots.