Tom Bennett — Research for Delight: Empathy & Vulnerability

As a faith-based financial services institution, Everence, at first glance, seems like an odd digital strategy mission for a Pacific Northwest agency guy. Thinking Mennonites were the guys that shun electricity and use horses and buggies, I came in with my own assumptions, and perhaps some bias about where a digital strategy might even fit. But in the act of doing qualitative research, I found a personal truth even more surprising and transformative. By seeking to define stewardship (a core belief and pillar of the Everence mission), I recalibrated a belief system and found myself personally moved by the work. I made friends, and I found an internal logic more compelling than I had anticipated. I was willing to offer vulnerability for its benefits: understanding and empathy.

Delight 2016 | Research for Delight: Empathy & Vulnerability from Delight Conference

About Tom Bennett
As an experience strategist at Connective DX, Tom Bennett drives customer experience for clients, including business focus and strategy, experience visioning, and digital roadmapping. Tom acts as a change agent by building relationships with business, technology and product stakeholders to understand and forge alignment around business needs and customer insights as well as the competitive landscape. A master facilitator, Tom brings an intuitive understanding of human behavior and organizational culture to guide collaborative activities, masterfully eliciting and making sense of big ideas.