Vsnap and Ruby Receptionists

Systems for Showing Gratitude: A Better Customer Appreciation Program

It’s easy to think that the sign of great customer experience is grateful customers with raving reviews, but memorable customer experiences are fueled by mutual appreciation. Customer appreciation begets brand loyalty and advocacy.

While it may be natural to amp up appreciation and rewards programs this time of year in particular, customers love brands that make them feel appreciated year-round. Without spending major marketing dollars on a big campaign with gimmicky tokens of appreciation, businesses can show gratitude in more meaningful ways throughout the entire customer experience by not spending very much at all: it’s all about the tools.

Surprise and Delight Station

Last year, Portland-based Ruby Receptionists Jill Nelson shared stories of delivering “WOW” moments to customers 24/7 in her Delight 2012 talk. As the CEO of a six-time Fastest Growing Company Award winning company, Jill explained how the “Rubys” consistently base success on the happiness of their customers. From stuffed puppies to accident care packages, employees of Ruby recognized that their customers appreciated personalized, thoughtful surprises. Each Ruby Receptionist is allowed access to a handful of prepaid accounts from which to source these little gifts (much like Stan Phelps’ idea of giving customer lagniappes).

The “WOW Station” is a central part of the Ruby office life.

Ruby WOW Station


Tools for Thoughtful Interactions 

But beyond material gifts, Ruby’s entire business framework supports its delightful reputation with systems to enable great experiences across every touchpoint, like  email correspondence standards and in-office greeting guidelines. These small intangible gifts speak volumes about the appreciation the company has for its customers.

Most recently, Ruby Receptionists took a cue from Boston-based company Vsnap to show customers appreciation. The personalized video tool allows Rubys to show customers they really care with 1-on-1 messages, instead of vague, general, or (worse) mass emails.

The “Vsnap Station” provides Rubys a way to connect with customers daily.

Ruby Vsnap Station

Whether material or slightly less tangible, the appreciation Ruby Receptionists shows its customers remains consistent across channels and calendar months. Does yours?

How are you showing customers appreciation all year long?