The Customer Experience Tidal Wave

The World’s Largest Waiting Room

I am a patient boy, I'll wait I'll wait I'll wait I'll wait...

Passionate Red Sox fans know the ritual when tickets go on sale online: Wake up early on a Saturday morning, open 27 different browser windows, stack them side by side, and enter the dreaded ‘virtual waiting room’ where users are randomly selected to buy tickets to random games. Windows refresh every 30 seconds, and only an eagle eye can spot the occasional one that yields an opportunity to buy. Hours later, confused and bleary-eyed, you feel lucky if you got even a few tickets for the upcoming season. Demand: 1, Supply: 0, Delight: -1,000.

This year, the Virtual Waiting Room experience got a much needed makeover. Now, an image of a person advances closer and closer to the virtual ticket window, letting you know where you are in the process. And instead of being tethered to the screen all morning, you get pinged by visual and audio alerts when you’re finally allowed in. And the pièce de résistance? The audio alert blaring from your speakers is “Tessie” by the Dropkick Murphys, a Sox fan anthem. By the time you’ve got your credit card out, you can almost taste those Fenway Franks.